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Yesterday was the annual 'end of term' party at my old school and I went there with my old friend Susi. We had sooo much fun and we both got all sentimental.

I met most of my favourite teachers and it was really good to see them again. My German teacher from 12th and 13th grade was very happy to hear about my job and studies, she's also the coordinator of our school-library (I used to be part of the team) and asked for my professional advice :P
And then there was my English teacher, who moved into one of the new houses down the street, my Psychology teacher, who also used to be a friend of my mother, my superawesome Music teacher and some others, too.

At one point we went to buy some pizza and I realized that the girls selling it were part of the class Susi and me used to tutor when we were in 11th grade. We have that system that a group of 11th-graders helps the new 5th-graders with getting to know their way about the school. They even recognized us! They're graduating next year... this is so scary. And I'm feeling old x)

I'll be in Helsinki in a week <3
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Good news! Karen, you and me can start loving our Antti Tuisku-99 cents-shirts even more now!
I'd never thought I'd see him wearing one of those...

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I'm not sure if today was a good or a bad day...

I cleaned the closet-wardrobe-room (--> formerly known as my mother's bedroom, now it holds my old wardrobe and some closets as well as a rail, all full of clothes, suitcases, bags and othe stuff). I put all of my sister's stuff into one corner, she said she'll clean that tomorrow... we'll see about that.
The room looks okay now, at least my stuff is put away very neatly. I also took the big travel-bag to my room already :)

Hanging all those t-shirts and pants had a very sad side-effect though... I realized I can't fit into half of them anymore. Or well, I can, but it makes me look like shit. In German we call that a 'Presswurst'. It's not pretty. I don't want to complain again, I know it's my own fault for being a lazyass and loving chocolate too much. And it didn't hurt too much during the last few months. But the upcoming Finland-holiday makes me feel insecure again. Which is incredibly stupid.

I have a headache. Again. Third day in a row :/
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HOLY CRAP! It's been two weeks since I last posted an entry... I'm sorry!

In the meantime I:
- finished my exams
- probably failed one of them :/
- went to see Harry Potter 7.2 together with Hanna and cried my eyes out over it
- spent a really great weekend with Nina and finally got to see more of Nuremberg than the trainstation
- cleaned the kitchen (just to have it soiled again an hour later, but well...)
- started tidying the living-room
- made a berry-cake
- celebrated my grandma's 86th birthday, she loved the cake ;)

Minttu has been overly cuddly since yesterday... I am certainly not complaining <3

I'm flying to Finland in 11 days, I can't wait :) Helsinki first, then Tampere... including Hämyvestarit, a picnic with my penpal Mira and Harry Potter 7.2 in English.
I am very sure Jenny and me will have a great time, though I guess it will be weird to not have 'the usual people' around. There will be no Hanna, no Karen, no Australians, no Canadians,... I'll miss all the Aleksanterinkatu-flat-girls.
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Halftime! The exam yesterday was ridiculous. I swear, any of you would have been able to pass it. Now I'm scared of the ones coming up next week. IT and marketing are not my strong points. At all. Anyway, I'll get through somehow.

My aunt (the younger one, Andi) called yesterday around six. My sister answered the call and my aunt asked her if she wanted to go out to eat with her. My sister was cooking for her boyfriend, so my aunt asked me. And what kind of student would I be if I said no to free food? :P We had mexican, it was delicious.
We talked about a lot of things, it was light conversation in the beginning. But my aunt and me wouldn't be ourselves if she didn't manage to make me cry at some point. Which is still terribly embarassing in the middle of a restaurant. Especially because she was right about most things she said.
This house is a mess, inside and outside. I need to get my life back on track, I just don't know how yet.
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I put the second of six exams behind me this morning. The one on Monday (cataloguing) went really well. I handed it in twenty minutes early *coughs* Sadly, the one today didn't go as smoothly. I won't be failing, but I don'T think I'll be able to hold up my 'No grade worse than a B'-standard... which is fine, university can't always go as well as it did during the first semester. Though it would have been great to (finally) be one of the better students.

The next exam is coming up on Friday and it will be one of the easier ones... the exams next week are the ones that worry me a bit. Especially the marketing-stuff.

To take my mind off things, I just cooked nine beautiful glasses of strawberry-jam <3 I can't wait for breakfast tomorrow xD

Four weeks to go until Finland <3
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I'm sorry for being so absent during the last few days. I read all your entries and comments, but I don't really have time (or motivation) for commenting. I haven't been feeling too well. And you may interpret that in any way you want.

I have exams coming up. Six of them, within the next two weeks, the first one on Monday. After that I'm done and have ten weeks off.

I went to our city-festival yesterday, although I should have been studying. But I really wanted to go to the medieval market at least once. Sadly, my dress doesn't fit anymore... I didn't know I had gained THAT much weight.
Anyway, it was nice. I met up with Sina and Nina (and her boyfriend), they met friends on the market and I met some of them, too... Meli was there for a few minutes, but then she had to go and work at the main festival... I was still happy to see her <3 I also saw Kaddha again, she was a good friend when we were still at school and we sat next to each other in every religion-class from 5th to 13th grade^^
And then I walked home with Caro and Martina (Caro's mom) whom I've known for at least 15 years. Caro is the same age as my sister. She's getting married on the 30th. I'm amazed. She invited me to come to church, but I'll have to work that day :(

Also, I didn't take a jacket with me and didn't wear any socks in my ballerinas... which was stupid because at some point it just started pouring down and we got wet within seconds. But we saw a double rainbow! <3

Today I had to work... tomorrow will be the same.
I wasn't able to listen to any MCR today because it made me cry. They're playing a gig in Stuttgart today and I can't be there because it's one of those Coke Sound-Up thingies and the tickets can't be bought. I didn't win one. I've been wanting to see them for five years.
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I'm melting. Seriously. I need rain, pleeeease >.<
My head is still hurting, though not as bad as yesterday.

I went to bed at eight because my head was about to explode and Hanna wasn't there anyway, so I had nobody to talk to. No need to stay online then.
So I went to bed, lay there sweating and trying to fall asleep... which I managed about two hours later. And then my I woke up to my sister hysterically screaming into her phone "But I don't know where it is now! It's so gross, I can't sleep in there!"
First thought: Oh god, a spider... fuck it, I want to sleep.
Then she knocked on my door and came in whining. At least she apologized for waking me. And then she asked me to remove a fucking GRASSHOPPER from her room.
Which I did, with an awfully throbbing head, because otherwise she would have screamed at her boyfriend on the phone for the rest of the night and I really didn't need that.

Sadly, the headache was still there when I got up this morning. Not throbbing anymore, but unnerving to no end.

I just went for icecream with Desiree and Magda, now it's all better. I think I'll survive the rest of the day. Also, they said it's gonna rain tonight and tomorrow will be much cooler. That'd be awesome.
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So I went to a 'Krimidinner' yesterday. Let me explain this to you. You pay a ridiculous amount of money to get some (at least quite good) food and in between the courses there will be actors staging a play. And in the end everybody has to guess who was the murderer. I didn't pay for it... one part of my 'class' had organized it and I got it as a birthday-gift from Selina, Maren and Diana because they were involved.

Sadly, the organizers were sitting in the far back and I had to share a table with one couple to my right and another couple to my left. Guys, eat the food, not each other! >.<
The girls also reminded me of my sister and her friends.

The play was about an actor who got killed in a car crash. It also featured the statement 'Don't we all want to die in a Porsche?'
Needless to say it made me very uneasy. I fled to the bathroom a few times
It wasn't their fault, they probably didn't even know. Jackass isn't THAT famous anymore. Plus, the play had been selected weeks before.
And yes, I know I'm taking this way too seriously.

Does this mean I'm a lesbian? )
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I've been wearing my Jackass-badge to uni today, in honour of Ryan Dunn, the Random Hero. I feel like I've lost a friend, as ridiculous as that may sound. But the Jackass- and Viva la Bam-crews have been a big part of my teenage-years and somehow they still are. And Ryan has always been my favourite. I'll miss him.

Meme under the cut... I'm bored )
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It's been a month since I've last been bitten by whatever it was... and five minutes ago I felt a distinct sting on my right shoulder -.-
BUT! This time I managed to catch it with some tape. It does look flea-ish -.- Sadly, I can't take a picture of it, my cam's not good enough.
The fact that it bit me while I was on the couch is a bit calming as that means it wasn't in my bed. Guess I'm back to vacuuming the living-room twice a day.

Ooooh, the itching >.
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Just when I thought the herpes was gone I get a new one in exactly the same spot >.<

We had a BBQ at Diana's on Thursday and I also stayed the night. We had food and then watched Ice Age 3 and Tangled (Rapunzel - Neu Verföhnt), lots of fun. Then we played a few rounds of SingStar and I realized I can't pull off Evanescence's Bring me to Life right after I did Cascada's Everytime we touch. No. Air. Duh.
Then we watched The Rocky Horror Picture Show. Everybody fell asleep during the first five minutes, except Diana and me. Tsk. (Banausen >.<)
Leeeeet's do the tiiiime waaaaarp agaaaaaaaaain! *dances*

I had a good time, although my head was close to exploding. Stupid weather. But I realized once again what I've been feeling quite often during the last few months. As much as I like the girls, I just don't fit in. I feel like I don't fit in with anyone anymore. I can't really explain it. It's a feeling of not-belonging, of being different from everyone else. I usually say that being different is a good thing, but this time it doesn't feel right. I need to sort out my head.

I've been working yesterday and now I'm at work again. At least I am working with one of my favourite colleagues this weekend who, surprisingly, is male. He won't be here before two though, so until then I'll do... whatever. Try to not die from boredom or something.
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Oh fucking hell, not again! Now there's another herpes on my lip >.<

Thank god I only have two weeks of uni to go... and then two weeks of exams.

Minttu has been lovely the last few days... my sister's been at her boyfriend's for the last two nights, so I was able to leave my bedroom-door ajar. Minttu cuddled up at my feet and didn't wake me once. She always waits until I get up out of my own accord.

I need a hero.
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Alright... I've been wanting to make this post since Tuesday, but I just didn't have any time while I was still with Jenny. Came home from my little trip on Friday after Finnish, started up the laptop, just to have it crash an hour later >.< It was only scare-ware, so nothing dangerous, but I couldn't get rid of it myself. So I took the laptop to the pc-ambulance yesterday morning, they managed to fix it, thank god. It also only cost me 9€, phew.
Does anybody of you people have experience with Avast-antivirus?

Anyway, about Amsterdam... )

For pictures of Amsterdam, please see my facebook :D
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Theon on facebook:
Huominen keikka peruttu!!! Tomorrow's gig cancelled!!! I'm not allowed nor able to speak/sing for a week :/ On the bright side, now I sound like Harry Potter when he speaks with snakes, how cool is that! :)

*dies laughing* xD
I'm sorry he's struggling with his health and everything, but that status just cracked me up xD


I'm off to Amsterdam tomorrow! :D
I still need to pack and take a shower...
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Sorry, it had to be said again.

I just got YES from Kimmo, he seems super enthusiastic and awfully nice and I'll be going to the IFLA conference in Helsinki with them in August 2012. It's one of the most important conferences within the field of librarianship worldwide.
Jyväskylä it is, I guess! :D
(Thank you, Michi <3)
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Well, that was a nice weekend! :)

My birthday on Thursday was quite nice, although I was at university for almost 10 hours. Vero had made some muffins for me and Desiree bought me icecream during lunchbreak, awesomeness! Vero also gave me a pen xD
You know, my sister and me usually don't give presents to each other... but this year she had bought me something. I got a hand mixer. I interpret this as 'Bake some more muffins for me!' xD
Also, we've been getting along quite well during the last few days. No bitching whatsoever since Wednesday. It's nice, but I guess it won't last long.

Hanna came to visit me on Friday and she left again two hours ago :(
But we had a nice weekend. We had coffee and cake yesterday. Hanna, my aunts, my sister, Gergor and his mother. And my grandma was allowed to leave her nursing home for a few hours so she could be with us :D It was really nice, there was no fighting, just happiness and some friendly banter.
And then we went for Greek food in the evening. Mhhhm, Moussaka <3
Hanna and me watched a movie last night. 'Lesbian Vampire Killers'. I haven't seen anything this stupid in a long time xDDD

Today we were being lazy. And we had even more food. I'm really stuffed now.
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I finally got to take Minttu to the vet half an hour ago. And I have to apologize to the fat white tomcat, it wasn't his fault she was breathing funnily and coughing and sneezing.
While I was trying to catch her to put her into the cage I use to carry her she suddenly started sneezing like mad. She wouldn't stop for minutes. And then suddenly I saw a blade of grass sticking out of her nose.
I took her to the vet and she used some lube and pulled the grass out of Minttu's nose, that thing was at least ten centimetres long >.< No wonder it was causing her pain.
I was thinking about pulling the grass out myself after seeing it, now I'm glad I didn't. It would have hurt like hell and it might have gotten infected because the grass was rather sharp. So Minttu also got some meds to keep her windpipe from infecting.
Oh god, that kitten will worry me to death one day.

My paper is almost finished :D I just have to write the annotations now. And then Hanna can proof-read it. Any other volunteers? It's in German though^^

The other Hanna, my 'godchild' from Oulu, also contacted me and we've been chatting on MSN a bit. She seems to be nice, although she laughed at me for liking Antti Tuisku :P
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Things that light up a day full of boring church and paper-writing:

I have no clue why they were there.

One on the 'curtains'

And one on the (dirty <.<) floor
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I just had to mention it again. I still can't quite believe what you did, sweethearts <3
*big hugs to all of you who were involved* Thank you so much <3

Work yesterday went fine and I was ready to go to bed when I came home at 11:30pm. Only that didn't happen.
I hadn't even parked the car when I heard Minttu screaming.
I wanted to kick my sister. She KNOWS that fat white tomcat is out after 9pm, him and Minttu have been hissing at each other through our balcony-door for the last two weeks. Why the fuck does she still let her out? >.<
So I called out to her. And waited. And called again. And waited some more. My headache was getting worse with every minute. I fell asleep on the couch around 3:30, woke up again at 5 and decided to check the balcony again. And finally there she was. Oh dear, the relief that flooded through me.

I was in bed at 5:15 and got woken up by an SMS from my aunt at 8. Guh -.- The headache never vanished, it's still there.
Minttu has been sleeping all day. First on the lamb-fur in front of my room, now on 'her' box in the living-room. She didn't even eat. I'm a bit worried, I hope she's fine :/

Despite the unnerving headache and stomach-cramps I managed to write one more page of my paper. And I might manage some more in the next few hours. I'll try to, in any case.

EDIT: Alright. Minttu tried to eat something. But she's making weird noises, like she was choking or something. Also, she's crying out when I touch her hind legs, especially the right one. Fucking ugly tomcat *is pissed*
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