Jun. 19th, 2011

pikkuinen: (Who wants to live forever)
Just when I thought the herpes was gone I get a new one in exactly the same spot >.<

We had a BBQ at Diana's on Thursday and I also stayed the night. We had food and then watched Ice Age 3 and Tangled (Rapunzel - Neu Verföhnt), lots of fun. Then we played a few rounds of SingStar and I realized I can't pull off Evanescence's Bring me to Life right after I did Cascada's Everytime we touch. No. Air. Duh.
Then we watched The Rocky Horror Picture Show. Everybody fell asleep during the first five minutes, except Diana and me. Tsk. (Banausen >.<)
Leeeeet's do the tiiiime waaaaarp agaaaaaaaaain! *dances*

I had a good time, although my head was close to exploding. Stupid weather. But I realized once again what I've been feeling quite often during the last few months. As much as I like the girls, I just don't fit in. I feel like I don't fit in with anyone anymore. I can't really explain it. It's a feeling of not-belonging, of being different from everyone else. I usually say that being different is a good thing, but this time it doesn't feel right. I need to sort out my head.

I've been working yesterday and now I'm at work again. At least I am working with one of my favourite colleagues this weekend who, surprisingly, is male. He won't be here before two though, so until then I'll do... whatever. Try to not die from boredom or something.


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