May. 29th, 2011

pikkuinen: (Life's a Show)
Well, that was a nice weekend! :)

My birthday on Thursday was quite nice, although I was at university for almost 10 hours. Vero had made some muffins for me and Desiree bought me icecream during lunchbreak, awesomeness! Vero also gave me a pen xD
You know, my sister and me usually don't give presents to each other... but this year she had bought me something. I got a hand mixer. I interpret this as 'Bake some more muffins for me!' xD
Also, we've been getting along quite well during the last few days. No bitching whatsoever since Wednesday. It's nice, but I guess it won't last long.

Hanna came to visit me on Friday and she left again two hours ago :(
But we had a nice weekend. We had coffee and cake yesterday. Hanna, my aunts, my sister, Gergor and his mother. And my grandma was allowed to leave her nursing home for a few hours so she could be with us :D It was really nice, there was no fighting, just happiness and some friendly banter.
And then we went for Greek food in the evening. Mhhhm, Moussaka <3
Hanna and me watched a movie last night. 'Lesbian Vampire Killers'. I haven't seen anything this stupid in a long time xDDD

Today we were being lazy. And we had even more food. I'm really stuffed now.


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