Jun. 29th, 2011

pikkuinen: (Chesire Cat)
I'm melting. Seriously. I need rain, pleeeease >.<
My head is still hurting, though not as bad as yesterday.

I went to bed at eight because my head was about to explode and Hanna wasn't there anyway, so I had nobody to talk to. No need to stay online then.
So I went to bed, lay there sweating and trying to fall asleep... which I managed about two hours later. And then my I woke up to my sister hysterically screaming into her phone "But I don't know where it is now! It's so gross, I can't sleep in there!"
First thought: Oh god, a spider... fuck it, I want to sleep.
Then she knocked on my door and came in whining. At least she apologized for waking me. And then she asked me to remove a fucking GRASSHOPPER from her room.
Which I did, with an awfully throbbing head, because otherwise she would have screamed at her boyfriend on the phone for the rest of the night and I really didn't need that.

Sadly, the headache was still there when I got up this morning. Not throbbing anymore, but unnerving to no end.

I just went for icecream with Desiree and Magda, now it's all better. I think I'll survive the rest of the day. Also, they said it's gonna rain tonight and tomorrow will be much cooler. That'd be awesome.


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