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Small summary of what happened during the last week:
Amsterdam is beautiful, BOBCATSSS 2012 was a success, I spoke on a stage in front of 450 people, I partied hard, I learned a lot, people loved me, I met someone, slept too little, ate too little, said good-bye to people who were my colleagues for the last 16 months, cried a bit when the closing ceremony was over and can't believe that this is actually the end.
I will type up a big entry on it all and I will also post pictures (though you can also have a look at facebook for those), but it might take a little longer.
There is so much going on in my head and in my heart right now.
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Hello lovelies!

Just a quick update from the registration desk while people are attending speeches and don't need my help ;)

BOBCATSSS has been awesome so far, except that I messed up my moderations a bit this morning because my stupid stomach was cramping. Nobody reallz noticed though.

If you want to see me speak tomorrow, the good-mornings and the keynote I will moderate will take place between 9:00 and 9:45.
And then there will of course be the big closing ceremony I do together with Mirry and Eline starting at 15:45. Though I'm not sure I will say something there, nobody's informed me yet <.<

Anyway, watch me at www.bobcatsss2012.org --> livestream.
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I attended International Summer School at my university the last three days and did a workshop called 'Structuring the Web'. It was really interesting and the two lecturers were really nice. I love Dutch people! :D

We were 24 people in the workshop... some of my classmates, as well as people from Turkey, Sweden, Poland, the Netherlands, Switzerland and the Czech Republic. Oh, and Hanna from Finland ;)
And oh god, the Swedes were the biggest hipsters I have ever seen xD Those glasses! They kinda reminded me of Humon's SATW-Sweden.

It was stressful and sometimes really difficult, but if I get the chance to do Summer School again next summer, I definitely will. It was a great experience.

And now I'll have to concentrate on BOBCATSSS... the deadline for the submission of abstracts is on Saturday, so there's a lot to do.
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So I went to visit my grandma today, together with my aunt (the older one who tends to make me go mad).
We were playing ludo and everything was fine (I was winning all the time, bwahaha), but then I started to get a headache and knew I needed sugar. So I got the cookies from my grandma's drawer. After the second cookie my aunt huffed and started speaking... 'Ilka...' and I went all 'Shut the fuck up! I'll eat as many cookies as I want to!' because I knew exactly what she was going to tell me.
'But I just wanted to tell you to don't overdo it! You've developed a tummy again...' - 'Shut up! I am 24 years old, old enough to know how many cookies I want to eat and I know I need them right now because otherwise I'll get the headache of doom!'
'Are you talking to your friends like this, too? No wonder you don't have too many...'
No, I am not... basically because my friends will never ever talk such horrible bullshit and I know none of you will ever tell me to stop eating. As a fact, I know that it makes Hanna sad when I don't eat.
So just... shut the hell up and let me live my life. Please?

Also, I won all the games and she lost every single one (my grandma was better than her). Karma's a bitch.
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The Finn-Hanna has a
I think we'll get along fine.

Oh well, we already do, we had a nice day and got a lot of stuff done, from bank account to bus-pass :)

I didn't buy much... I found one pullover and some hairclips and apart from that I only spent 40€ at the pharmacy <.<
And we got awesome food at Maredo Steakhouse.
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So I went to pick up the Finn-girl yesterday! I really need to find a nice nickname for her or else everybody will be totally confused about 'Huh? Which Hanna is she talking about now?'
I'm glad I took an earlier train because her plane was 20 minutes early. It should have landed at 17:20... she was out at 17:25 x)
But that gave us enough time to drop off her stuff in her room and then go to the internet-office.

So everything went just fine! :D And she's nice, just a bit quiet. But then again, she's Finnish, right? :P

I'm off to meet her again in a few minutes, today we'll get her a bank account and a bus-pass and I'll show her around a bit. Maybe we can do some shopping. She loves shopping, her first question was 'Are there good shops in Stuttgart?' Yes, yes there are. You'll be just fine :D

See you later! *waves*
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Sorry, that just had to be said.
Seriously. I love her. She's awesome.
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If you're wondering how my night out went... don't ask. Shit. I need to keep on trying.

Tomorrow the Finnish girl, Hanna, is arriving in Stuttgart. I'll pick her up at the airport at 17:20 and then we'll rush to her dorm because the internet-office is closing at 19:00 and she really doesn't want to be without internet until Monday. I totally understand that of course.

I went to uni yesterday to pick up her keys and some papers. Then I went to check out her room and... ohgodI'msogladIdon'thavetoliveinadorm >.< I'm almost sure they make the foreign students live in the worst buildings. The staircase and hallways are supernarrow and the walls are painted silver (!!!).
The room is... well, a prison cell comes close. It's not even 10m² big I think. At least there's enough furniture. I cleaned it and I made the bed, but it almost made me cry to see that room and I feel so awful knowing that Hanna will have to live there for the next six months. I couldn't live there... no way... maybe for a week when I'm on vacation or something, but not longer than that. I'd get claustrophobic.
I offered to take her to IKEA next Tuesday, maybe some decoration will make it all a bit better.
I had a look at the shared bathroom and it looks like that one was renovated a few years ago, so that should be fine. I couldn't get a close look at the big kitchen as it was full of people, but I guess we'll see tomorrow.

I'm having a really awful headache... it started yesterday, on my way back from the dorms. I went to bed at nine after taking a pill, but I couldn't sleep right away as I was feeling sick. So I got up again an hour later, walked around the house for a while, then went to bed again. When I woke up the headache was still there... so I got up at seven, took another pill and went back to bed (totally confusing the hungry kitty). It didn't help. My head still feels like Minttu is biting into it.
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So... Meli managed to talk me into going out with her tonight. She wouldn't take no for an answer.

We used to go to that club called Rockfabrik together, it was some kind of second home to me for at least two years. Meli still goes there frequently, but I haven't really been there in three years, only to see gigs (Negative played there last year in October, Lovex and White Flame have played there, as well as Matthau...).

I'm incredibly nervous, scared even. I haven't gone out in... oh god, I don't even know. I mean, I went to Amadeus in August and I went to that gay bar in Amsterdam in June, but I haven't gone anywhere around here for a year or something.
There will be lots of people I don't know.

I've always been socially awkward, but I don't think it has ever been this bad <.<
Hell, I don't even know what to wear! *flails*
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I wanted to do this entry yesterday, but somehow I never got round to typing it. So lets pretend it is still the 1st of September :P

Three years ago I had my first day at the library in Hohenheim. Three years! It was a nice first day, I got introduced to everybody and I got to see all the offices and the reading rooms. It was so much new stuff that I had a terrible headache at the end of the day. Back then I was still very glad to Alex with me... well, some things change, right?

One year ago I got on that stupid plane that would take me from Helsinki to Berlin at 6:35 in the morning after the best five weeks I have ever had the pleasure to experience. I still remember most of it very clearly. All the crazy things we did, all the fun we had... and all the tears I cried when that stupid plane started rolling.

A month later I started studying at the Media University. I'll start my third semester in a month. I can't believe time went so fast. It feels like I started my job training yesterday, when in reality three years have passed since then.

And in six months I'll be living in Jyväskylä.
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I've been a Hufflepuff for three days and I'm already overly protective of my house xD
You see, a friend of mine got her e-mail today. She got sorted into Hufflepuff and posted a very bitchy status about it on her facebook. Some of her friends started laughing at her and made really bad comments about how she was a lazy dumbass now. To which my friend replied 'oh whatever, I have another account, I'll just delete this one'. And then they started discussing the possibilities of cheating and manipulating the Sorting Hat. I kind of freaked.
Seriously people, it's a game! What the fuck happened to honesty?
I've also heard of people (mainly Slytherins) who use second accounts and try to get into other houses to make them lose house-points. Seriously, what the fuck!? Why would you do such things? Why can't we just have fun together and enjoy the game?

Anyways, this just had to be said.
Yesterday was great! I used to spend so much time with those people back in school and then we all lost contact after Meli and I had graduated (the others were one or two years younger than us). But now I have them back, we're meeting from time to time, and it feels so good. And we're still getting along as great as ever. Some things just never change <3
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Two days ago I finally got my Pottermore-mail. One day after Hanna had received hers. Of course I was super-excited! :D
I was looking forward to getting a wand and to being sorted (though the latter actually scared the shit out of me) and to be part of it all. And I have to say: I'm loving it. There's not a lot you can do yet, but the parts that are active are lovely. I'm totally happy with the graphics and all the little details and the extra-info <3

Cut for major geekery! )

Also, my superawesome friends from school are coming over tonight and we're having a barbecue <3 I'm really happy we're doing those meetings more often now. We did the first 'revival' last year in October and within the blink of an eye 12 hours had passed. We were having so much fun :D We did another one earlier this year and now we're doing the next tonight. I'm really looking forward to it. The Tzatziki is already waiting in the fridge, so are the veggies and the stuffing for the mushrooms. Wheeeeee! <3
Four hours until I'm done with work...
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As some of you might have figured thanks to my posts on facebook, I am currently stuck in a huge puddle of nostalgia. I started sinking in earlier today, I can't really remember what triggered it. I think it was one of those iCarly-fanfics I've been reading since yesterday... they made me think back to when I was a teenager myself and at some point I stopped in the year 2000, when I was 13 and starting to struggle with the fact that all my friends were starting to have boyfriends, but not me.
So I tried to turn the bad feelings into good ones and slipped further back, to 1998. I found some old cassettes in my room that my sister and me had 'mixed' before going to Greece that summer and I also found the photo-album from that time. My mom's best friend (who was on vacation with us) made it, as a christmas gift for my mother.

Have fun with my memories )
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It's too hoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooot D: And I don't have any icecream left D:
The thermometer on my balcony says it's 41°C. It was 39 yesterday... Minttu was outside all day and just wouldn't come back. She returned around 8pm when it was cooling down a tiny little bit. I guess she was hiding from the heat somewhere. I kept her inside today and she's just lying around doing nothing.

Hanna spent the weekend here and we had a great time :D
But now she's gone again and everything sucks.

I need to clean the house, but it's way too hot. I don't even want to move.
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Jonne talks about Negative's future on The Voice:

Quote: "In the band comes also family growing and other live changing."

Whoooooooooooooooo! I was right! :D
I saw Minna (Antti's girlfriend) in one of the fleamarkets last week, but only for a very short moment, but my first thought was 'Wait... was that a baby bump?' But I wasn't sure, so I didn't say anything. Apparently it's true! :D And somehow I'm quite sure they'll be great parents^^

Now there's only one question left... will that baby be born with dreadlocks?
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Alright, here comes the hugeass, picture-heavy Finland-post I've promised.

Cut for hugeass-ness )

Second Cut... Shopping! )

Also, more pictures here
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I'm baaaaaack! ;) But this isn't going to be the hugeass, picture-heavy Finland-entry I've been trying to write. I just thought I'd tell you about my weekend first.

Jenny and me got back from Finland on Wednesday and I left her house on Thursday morning. Arrived in Stuttgart around 3pm, left my luggage in a friend's car and then had A BLAST while seeing 30 Seconds to Mars and Placebo play on the 'Schlossplatz'. Hanna was there, and Liesa and Anni and a big bunch of other awesome friends as well as about 35.000 other people. It was epic, I tell you.
Have a picture and understand: http://thirtysecondstomars.thisisthehive.net/blog/wp-content/uploads/2011/08/STUTTGART_WEB02.jpg

On Saturday I left for Mannheim and I took the car because my sister isn't at home anyway :D It saved me two hours and 22€.
I stayed with Liesa and we went to a party held by two of our friends. We had a barbecue in the forest (which is totally allowed because there are those little huts holding a fireplace and stuff) and I got eaten by mosquitoes while NONE of the other people have a single bite >.< Oh god, my legs itch.
When that party was over we decided to go to another one, held by one of Liesa's friends. I'm always amazed at how naturally and nicely I am welcomed by her friends^^ And they're all really awesome (and friggin' crazy, but you all know I love crazy people :P). So yeah, I had a lot of fun that night and met lots of really nice people <3
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Hämyvestarit was awesome!
I don't know if you guys are up-to-date with Matthau's band-line-up, but well... Kris is playing the guitar for him at the moment. And it felt so good to see him on stage again, looking healthy and sober. Also, some things never change... his attitude will always be the same I guess xD The movements on stage, his playing, his smile... nothing of it has changed, not even a tiny bit.

Uniklubi were great. NGT-Antti was sitting on the left side of stage (with a good view on Teemu :P) and Kris was sitting right next to him, smiling. It almost made me cry to see them like that, they were obviously having a lot of fun, all the guys on stage.
And then, at some point during the encores, there suddenly were two redheaded Anttis banging away on the drums^^ Confirmation for what I usually say: Uniklubi consists of six members and two of them are called Antti :P

On another note, we got pissed off at the Omena-AC not working and our room being too hot... so we went to Clas Ohlson and bought a window-handle *coughs* Now we're living in constant fear of somebody seeing the open windows.

I am not happy about Lauri 'washing his dirty laundry' on facebook.
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Alright, my lovelies, I'm out! I'm leaving for Düsseldorf at 6:40 tomorrow morning, will spend the day with my father (not entirely happy about that, but well... I'll get good food?) and then Jenny will pick me up in the evening and we'll spend the night at her place. The plane is leaving on Tuesday morning from Düsseldorf and around 14:30 we will arrive in Helsinki <3

Again, I have the terrible feeling of 'OMG I forgot something', but I guess I'll be alright x)

I'll miss my kitty D: And Finland won't be the same without you guys. But I'll make the best of it, I promise. And I'm really looking forward to showing Jenny around^^

I have to get up way before six... bleeeeeeeh.
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