Jul. 2nd, 2011

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I'm sorry for being so absent during the last few days. I read all your entries and comments, but I don't really have time (or motivation) for commenting. I haven't been feeling too well. And you may interpret that in any way you want.

I have exams coming up. Six of them, within the next two weeks, the first one on Monday. After that I'm done and have ten weeks off.

I went to our city-festival yesterday, although I should have been studying. But I really wanted to go to the medieval market at least once. Sadly, my dress doesn't fit anymore... I didn't know I had gained THAT much weight.
Anyway, it was nice. I met up with Sina and Nina (and her boyfriend), they met friends on the market and I met some of them, too... Meli was there for a few minutes, but then she had to go and work at the main festival... I was still happy to see her <3 I also saw Kaddha again, she was a good friend when we were still at school and we sat next to each other in every religion-class from 5th to 13th grade^^
And then I walked home with Caro and Martina (Caro's mom) whom I've known for at least 15 years. Caro is the same age as my sister. She's getting married on the 30th. I'm amazed. She invited me to come to church, but I'll have to work that day :(

Also, I didn't take a jacket with me and didn't wear any socks in my ballerinas... which was stupid because at some point it just started pouring down and we got wet within seconds. But we saw a double rainbow! <3

Today I had to work... tomorrow will be the same.
I wasn't able to listen to any MCR today because it made me cry. They're playing a gig in Stuttgart today and I can't be there because it's one of those Coke Sound-Up thingies and the tickets can't be bought. I didn't win one. I've been wanting to see them for five years.


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