Apr. 28th, 2011

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Remember how I used to have stomach-aches every day a few years ago? I think the pain has moved to my head now. I've been taking painkillers regularly for the last two weeks and it just won't fade away. It's driving me mad.

Adding to the madness is the fact that it's spring. And everybody seems to be developing feelings of some sort. Not necessarily of the good kind, but usually directed at some guy. There's this annoying girl at uni who had something going on with the really annoying guy in my class... he's got a girlfriend though, so now she's interested in some other guy from my class and they were sitting in front of me today and she was hitting on him all the fucking time and it made me want to punch both of them.
And then there's my friend who is telling me about her boyfriend every day... not directly, but he's in every fucking conversation we have... 'and, oh, my boyfriend did... my boyfriend always says...' For fuck's sake, I know his name! There's no need to call him your boyfriend all the time >.<
And then there's the other friend who's been away for a while and whom I miss quite a lot. Our conversations have been getting fewer and fewer. She doesn't say much when I write to her on MSN... but I'm always the first address when she has some problem or other with some guy I don't know. Why does she ask me? I mean, I feel honoured that she trusts me enough, really... but I can't help her with anything concerning guys. And it hurts to hear how many guys are interested in her. The latter is selfish, I know, and I'm sorry.
Just please stop suffocating me with all your boyfriend/men-related talk. There's nothing I could add to the conversation. It makes me feel stupid and inferior.

On a happier sidenote... have some pictures )


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