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If you're wondering how my night out went... don't ask. Shit. I need to keep on trying.

Tomorrow the Finnish girl, Hanna, is arriving in Stuttgart. I'll pick her up at the airport at 17:20 and then we'll rush to her dorm because the internet-office is closing at 19:00 and she really doesn't want to be without internet until Monday. I totally understand that of course.

I went to uni yesterday to pick up her keys and some papers. Then I went to check out her room and... ohgodI'msogladIdon'thavetoliveinadorm >.< I'm almost sure they make the foreign students live in the worst buildings. The staircase and hallways are supernarrow and the walls are painted silver (!!!).
The room is... well, a prison cell comes close. It's not even 10m² big I think. At least there's enough furniture. I cleaned it and I made the bed, but it almost made me cry to see that room and I feel so awful knowing that Hanna will have to live there for the next six months. I couldn't live there... no way... maybe for a week when I'm on vacation or something, but not longer than that. I'd get claustrophobic.
I offered to take her to IKEA next Tuesday, maybe some decoration will make it all a bit better.
I had a look at the shared bathroom and it looks like that one was renovated a few years ago, so that should be fine. I couldn't get a close look at the big kitchen as it was full of people, but I guess we'll see tomorrow.

I'm having a really awful headache... it started yesterday, on my way back from the dorms. I went to bed at nine after taking a pill, but I couldn't sleep right away as I was feeling sick. So I got up again an hour later, walked around the house for a while, then went to bed again. When I woke up the headache was still there... so I got up at seven, took another pill and went back to bed (totally confusing the hungry kitty). It didn't help. My head still feels like Minttu is biting into it.
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