May. 18th, 2011

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Alright, update on the internship-situation!

I sent out the applications to Jyväskylä, Lahti and Tampere II on Monday. Here's what's been happening since then:

University of Tampere (I): I wrote back to them last week, telling them the application wasn't for THIS year, but for NEXT year. The woman, Leena, got back at me today, saying she'd talk to her supervisor again, she'll get back at me next week. I think she's pissed at me, though that ipression might also be due to her bad English.

Technical University of Tampere (II): I got an answer today, saying they had experience with interns, but only from the University of Tampere. Also, they usually get money from the university for taking in interns and they only employ them for up to three months, not six. Nevertheless she told me she'd ask her supervisor again as she'd love to have me. Flattering much?

University of Jyväskylä: Oh my god! I got an answer yesterday from the big boss, Kimmo. He told me he had made great experiences with German LIS-interns at the library he worked at before and that he could very well imagine taking me in for the internship. But he also asked whether I was aware of the high living costs in Finland and whether I'd be able to get student grant or a scholarship. I replied this morning, saying that I was aware of all that, that I am able to get money through the Erasmus program and that I also have some money saved up, which will definitely be enough. He'll ask his colleagues for their opinion on June 1st.
He sounds so fucking nice!
Also, he got one of the Call for Papers on Monday, as I had put him on the list. Apparently he recognized my name (as me and Hannah had 'signed' it) and then told me in another mail this morning that: Hey! It's so cool that you're part of Bobcatsss! I was a Keynote speaker at the 2009 conference in Porto!
Awesomeness, I broke down in hysterical giggles xD

No answer from Lahti yet.
What the hell am I supposed to do if they all say yes in the end? xD It'd break my heart to 'reject' Kimmo, but Tampere is still my first choice in a way. Anyway, we'll see what time will bring.

I got four mails from Finland within two hours today. Jyväskylä, Tampere I and II aaaaand Oulu! Hanna got in touch with me and she seems super-excited about her semester abroad. She also seems to be really nice. One more Hanna in my life, you can never have enough of them :P <3


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