May. 14th, 2011

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Oh, how I hate writing papers.
This one is due on the 27th, but I wan't to have it finished by the 22nd. So far I have a front page and a rough draft of a table of contents -.- At least I've read a bunch of books. They're now lying next to me, full of little post-its.

The topic is a nice one. Children's TV in Germany, the last 25 years. Unfortunately it makes me think of all the great shows I used to watch. Highly distracting xD
I only have to write 7 - 10 pages, which is really not a lot compared to what you guys have to write from time to time, but somehow I'm just not made for writing papers.

I need to start though, I want to have written at least a few pages until ESC tonight. I want to enjoy that one.

Also, we're sending out the Call for Papers for the BOBCATSSS-symposium on Monday and I have to finish the list of addresses (which currently holds about 850 contacts, whoo!) and the e-mail-text that will be send out. Also, I have to rewrite my internship-application and then send it to TUT and TAMK. If they don't want me either... well... Turku it is then, I guess. Any other ideas concerning nice cities in Finland? Helsinki is the very last on my list.


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