May. 7th, 2011

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I'm at work. And trust me, this is not a calm morning, although there aren't many people in here^^
An hour ago a girl came downstairs and told me the book-scanners weren't working. So I locked up the cash box, shut down the computer and locked the door because otherwise I am not allowed to leave my table as I am alone in this building until 2pm.
Went upstairs, chekced the scanners and realized there's no electricity. Damn. Went downstairs again, checked our super-awesome emergency-folder and looked up what to do in case of an outage. It told me to check the fuse box. Now where the hell is that one?! Luckily, the super-awesome folder also has floor plans and the fuse boxes are marked red, whoohoo! Found it, checked it, found a fuse that was flopped down, called technical support. The guy told me 'Oh, it's fine, just flop it back up again.' Duh. So I ran upstairs again (all that while people were impatiently waiting to get in or out of the library), flopped that fuse up and ta-daaah! Everything was working again. Nice. Now why couldn't that have happened after 2pm? My colleague would have been here and there would have been no need to lock everyone up -.-

I can't do anything for university right now, seems like both servers are down. The homepage doesn't work, just like the e-mail-accounts and moodle. Damn. I need to work on that paper, my scripts and the list of addresses >.<

On a very happy note, the library at my university is throwing out a lot of books and the students can buy them for 50 cents. I'll bring a biiiig bag on Monday. They're even selling novels and children's books :D


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