Mar. 11th, 2011

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Update on the insect... several people got me convinced that it might be flea (Las, I'm sorry, I should have listened to you), I'm still not sure about it. I called the vet on Tuesday and told her everything and she told me to come by and get some more Frontline. Even if it wasn't flea it wouldn't hurt the kitty to get some extra-protection. Also, this kind of Frontline doesn't only kill the adult flea, but also the larvae and eggs. It also takes effect on everything around the kitty. She also gave me the advice to wash my bedding (not only the sheets, also the pillows and comforter) and vacuum clean at least twice a day. I've been doing that since Tuesday and haven't been bitten again. I bought some insecticide, but I haven't used it yet... I just want to try without chemistry first. I don't think having that stuff in my bed would be all that healthy :/

Hanna came to visit me on Wednesday, she left a few hours ago. It seems like some higher power was against this meeting... first her car broke down on the way here (it was quickly fixed though). Then I was having awful ups and downs to my mood, there were moments when I just felt like crying my eyes out for no reason. Then we kinda started bitching at each other during our shopping-trip to Stuttgart... luckily it all got better after some Asian noodles and Starbucks^^
Apart from all that we had nice time. Fuck you, higher power :P
We made karjalanpiirakkat on Wednesday and although they were a little fail (a. we had too much dough and not enough filling and b. I had formed them all very prettily on the table but then they all fell apart when I tried to put them on the baking sheet) they tasted quite good :D

Yesterday we went shopping in Stuttgart. I didn't buy anything at first, I just couldn't find any nice clothes... Hanna got frustrated with me :P I found a longshirt in the last shop xD She was pleased.
At some point we started talking about the musical Grease, so we watched the DVD of my school-play when we came home. Such good memories <3 I can't believe it's been six years, we had such a great time rehearsing and stageing it.
Today we did some more shopping, but only in Waiblingen. I finally bought calendars... a small one with Petterson & Findus for the kitchen and then I found that hugeass Finland-calendar in my local bookstore :D
And I bought shoes!
And now Hanna's gone again and I'm sad :( Minttu is trying to cheer me up though, the lovely little thing <3

Shopping )

Work this weekend... I don't really feel like it.


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