Mar. 1st, 2011

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I went to see Apocalyptica yesterday. It was amaaaaaaaaazing <3
Vero didn't come with us, she's ill :( Anni is ill, too, and I was really scared she wouldn't make it to the gig... she loves Apocalyptica, so it would have been very sad for her, too. But in the end I picked her up anyway :) We had planned to stay in the back, just to be on the safe side and to not make her feel worse. Then we found out there was a gallery with seats, so we sat down there and had a perfect view and lots of fun :D

They made me laugh so much with all their little jokes and stuff... and Perttu's German is awesome xD At some point he said "Stuttgart, ihr seid schön!" (Stuttgart, you are beautiful!), then he gave a very smug little grin and said "Hehe, ich auch! :D" (I am, too!). Damn right you are! He is a pretty klutz <3 Though I am more of an Eicca-fangirl... I just love his hair. And his arms aren't all that bad either :P

When I came home I found Minttu in the living-room... I called for her and wanted to give her food. She came to the kitchen and I lifted her up to pet her, but she started meowing and then hissing, so I put her down again. She hid under the bench. I was a bit worried, so I asked me sister this morning if anything had happened. She said Minttu came in last night, hissing at her and her friends. I guess she fought with another cat outside. Now she's not hissing anymore, I'm glad about that. What worries me though is that she's still meowing when I try to pick her up or touch her right behind leg. I can't find any wounds and she's walking normally and even jumped on the windowsill earlier. So I hope it's just a bruise and she didn't break anything :/ Poor kitty.


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