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So I went to visit my grandma today, together with my aunt (the older one who tends to make me go mad).
We were playing ludo and everything was fine (I was winning all the time, bwahaha), but then I started to get a headache and knew I needed sugar. So I got the cookies from my grandma's drawer. After the second cookie my aunt huffed and started speaking... 'Ilka...' and I went all 'Shut the fuck up! I'll eat as many cookies as I want to!' because I knew exactly what she was going to tell me.
'But I just wanted to tell you to don't overdo it! You've developed a tummy again...' - 'Shut up! I am 24 years old, old enough to know how many cookies I want to eat and I know I need them right now because otherwise I'll get the headache of doom!'
'Are you talking to your friends like this, too? No wonder you don't have too many...'
No, I am not... basically because my friends will never ever talk such horrible bullshit and I know none of you will ever tell me to stop eating. As a fact, I know that it makes Hanna sad when I don't eat.
So just... shut the hell up and let me live my life. Please?

Also, I won all the games and she lost every single one (my grandma was better than her). Karma's a bitch.
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