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If you're wondering how my night out went... don't ask. Shit. I need to keep on trying.

Tomorrow the Finnish girl, Hanna, is arriving in Stuttgart. I'll pick her up at the airport at 17:20 and then we'll rush to her dorm because the internet-office is closing at 19:00 and she really doesn't want to be without internet until Monday. I totally understand that of course.

I went to uni yesterday to pick up her keys and some papers. Then I went to check out her room and... ohgodI'msogladIdon'thavetoliveinadorm >.< I'm almost sure they make the foreign students live in the worst buildings. The staircase and hallways are supernarrow and the walls are painted silver (!!!).
The room is... well, a prison cell comes close. It's not even 10m² big I think. At least there's enough furniture. I cleaned it and I made the bed, but it almost made me cry to see that room and I feel so awful knowing that Hanna will have to live there for the next six months. I couldn't live there... no way... maybe for a week when I'm on vacation or something, but not longer than that. I'd get claustrophobic.
I offered to take her to IKEA next Tuesday, maybe some decoration will make it all a bit better.
I had a look at the shared bathroom and it looks like that one was renovated a few years ago, so that should be fine. I couldn't get a close look at the big kitchen as it was full of people, but I guess we'll see tomorrow.

I'm having a really awful headache... it started yesterday, on my way back from the dorms. I went to bed at nine after taking a pill, but I couldn't sleep right away as I was feeling sick. So I got up again an hour later, walked around the house for a while, then went to bed again. When I woke up the headache was still there... so I got up at seven, took another pill and went back to bed (totally confusing the hungry kitty). It didn't help. My head still feels like Minttu is biting into it.

Date: 2011-09-07 05:46 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] finnish-pirate.livejournal.com
ja, solche studentenwohnheime in deutschland sind echt :||||| ich fühlte mich da zu besuch auch immer wie im knast...

ich hoffe, dir und deinem kopf geht es bald besser *hugs*

Date: 2011-09-07 07:11 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] stella-fiver.livejournal.com
Es ist so furchtbar, da kann man doch keinen wohnen lassen D: Ich kannte ja bisher nur Hannas Zimmer (bzw die zwei, die sie ja schon hatte) und Annis in Tampere... und darin kann man tatsächlich leben. Aber in dem Kasten hier in Stuttgart erstickt man ja :( Es tut mir so leid, dass sie da jetzt sechs Monate drin steckt. Und ich kann nichts weiter tun, als sie zu IKEA zu fahren...

Innerhalb der letzten zwei Stunden gings rapide aufwärts... ich spür kaum noch Schmerz. Ich weiß nicht obs am Zucker lag oder einfach daran, dass ich mich an die Temperaturen gewöhnt hab. Ich schätze nämlich, dass es am Wetter lag... gestern noch 30°, heute nur noch 15 und Regen...
Trotzdem danke <3 Ich hoffe, es kommt nicht wieder.


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