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I'm baaaaaack! ;) But this isn't going to be the hugeass, picture-heavy Finland-entry I've been trying to write. I just thought I'd tell you about my weekend first.

Jenny and me got back from Finland on Wednesday and I left her house on Thursday morning. Arrived in Stuttgart around 3pm, left my luggage in a friend's car and then had A BLAST while seeing 30 Seconds to Mars and Placebo play on the 'Schlossplatz'. Hanna was there, and Liesa and Anni and a big bunch of other awesome friends as well as about 35.000 other people. It was epic, I tell you.
Have a picture and understand: http://thirtysecondstomars.thisisthehive.net/blog/wp-content/uploads/2011/08/STUTTGART_WEB02.jpg

On Saturday I left for Mannheim and I took the car because my sister isn't at home anyway :D It saved me two hours and 22€.
I stayed with Liesa and we went to a party held by two of our friends. We had a barbecue in the forest (which is totally allowed because there are those little huts holding a fireplace and stuff) and I got eaten by mosquitoes while NONE of the other people have a single bite >.< Oh god, my legs itch.
When that party was over we decided to go to another one, held by one of Liesa's friends. I'm always amazed at how naturally and nicely I am welcomed by her friends^^ And they're all really awesome (and friggin' crazy, but you all know I love crazy people :P). So yeah, I had a lot of fun that night and met lots of really nice people <3
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